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What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #23

Order by Noon on Mondays for Wednesday

evening delivery or pickup.

(West Allis Farmers' Market Pickup is Tuesday or Thursday)

November 14th, 2021

I have a confession to make: I'm bummed last night's snow didn't stick. It may sound odd, but snow-harvesting is rather fun! A few years back, I even bought some old-fashioned hand-held whisk brooms just for sweeping snow off of root veggies. Now, we'll have to wait to get them out! (I doubt it'll be a long wait. This is Wisconsin after all! ;)

Since there's only two more weeks left, we're running a couple of specials: we have our $14 Winter Squash Bundle for those of you who want to stock up. It's a great deal and almost impossible to carry, but we're happy to share our stock!

We're also having a sale on our Baby Bite-Sized Potato Mix this week: 3lbs for just $6. The mix is mostly red and white, but I'll be sure to throw in some baby purple as I find them. Try them salt-roasted and served with a lemon parsley salsa verde--it's fantastic!

Also, now's a great chance to stock up on local honey! Our neighbors at Hillside Honey produce a nice wildflower all-natural honey. It's available in both glass jars and squeezable plastic bottles. Local Honey makes a wonderful gift for your Thanksgiving host! 10% Off, this week only!

Remember to leave out your empty boxes and produce containers as we wash and reuse them. And, since we're getting to the end of the season, please leave out a large cooler, basket or box if this will be your final order of the season. It would be greatly appreciated:)

Thanks so very much,

The Centgraf's


Tom Thumb Baby Bibb Lettuce

Rainbow Carrots & Parsnips

Celery Bunches

Baby & Full-Size Fennel

Sweet Winter Spinach

Green Onions

Collards & Kale

Crimini Mushrooms

The Winter Squash Bundle

Honey Crisp & Crispin Apples

Photos: Our Brussel Sprouts (Red is sold out), Free-Range Eggs, Baby Round Mix Potatoes, Baby Kale Mix



6 oz. Baby Salad Mix

1 Small Bunch of Dill Fern

2 Pounds of Multi-Color Mix Beets

2 Pounds of Rutabaga

1 King Richard Leek

VALUE OF $16.00


10 oz. Baby Salad Mix

1 Bunch of Dill Fern

2 Pounds of Multi-Color Mix Beets

1 Stalk of Brussel Sprouts

2 Pounds of Rutabaga

1 Pound of Winter Radishes

1 King Richard Leek

3 Pounds of Jonathan Apples

VALUE OF $30.50


10 oz. Baby Salad Mix

1 Bunch of Dill Fern

3 Pounds of Multi-Color Mix Beets

2 Stalks of Brussel Sprouts

3 Pounds of Rutabaga

2 Pounds of Winter Radishes

2 King Richard Leek

3 Pounds of Jonathan Apples

VALUE OF $43.50



Roasted Beets with Salted Yogurt and Herbs

Looking for a new way to enjoy your roasted beets? Try them with this salted yogurt recipe and some crusty bread!

It's an easy side-dish to dress up and may work well in your Thanksgiving menu!

Shaved Rutabagas with Butter and Black Pepper

Rutabaga? It's the best! Usually, I just mash them instead of potatoes or roast them in a mixed root veggie dish, but this shaved rutabaga preparation is delightful!

The simplicity of the flavors is great, and they make a pretty presentation as well!

Join our Community Page to find & share other great recipes!



The Soup Bundle:Parsnip & Carrot Soup

from Alexandra's Kitchen

from Chewing The Fat


Weekly Order Cut-Off Time is Noon on Monday.

Deliveries & Pickups are on Wednesday evening.


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