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What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #24

Order by Noon on Monday for Tuesday

evening delivery or pickup this week.

Post-Season dates are planned for December 8th and 22nd.

November 21st, 2021

Sorry for the late Newsletter! The last two days have been a frantic effort to harvest the last of many items, and, goodness, today was a cold one! Nonetheless, we managed to get quite a bit, so we're ready for packing tomorrow:)

Well, it's official: our first full 24-week season for our online market and classic subscriptions is coming to an end! (Don't fret, we're planning post-season dates for December 8th and 22nd yet.)

I am not going to sugar-coast it, there certainly were bumpy patches and less-than-optimal growing conditions; but, thanks to the patience and encouragement of our members and regular customers, we made it through and learned a lot! Also, a very special thanks goes out to Geralyn Flick for all of her help, the many, many miles she put on her truck, and (especially) for keeping us smiling through some of our tougher delivery/packing days!

We're looking forward to an even better Online Market season next year, so I've set up a 2022 Interest Form where you can learn about our plan and share your feedback regarding it. Official signup and subscription pricing for 2022 are not yet updated, but filling out the form will put you at the top of my 2022 Sign-Up email list.

We have a lot of great Thanksgiving specials this week: Hillside Honey is 10% Off, Baby Bite-Sized Potato Mix is on sale at 3lbs for just $6, and our $14 Winter Squash Bundle is still available. We also have a nice Roasting Bundle (for those of you that need to add yet another side to this week's menu) and we're picking up the last of Fred's Apple Cider tomorrow for the holiday!

Deliveries & Pickups will be on Tuesday evening this week, so we'll be on the clock filling boxes as quickly as possible tomorrow afternoon and Tuesday morning. Due to the schedule change, please make sure all of your orders and add-on orders are in no later than noon tomorrow.

Remember to leave out your empty boxes and produce containers as we wash and reuse them. And, since we're getting to the end of the season, please leave out a large cooler, basket or box if this will be your final order of the season. It would be greatly appreciated:)

It's going to be a cold one this Tuesday, so be sure to get your box in the house as quickly as possible. You can also leave out a warm blanket for your box as well--it'll help keep the cold away.

Thanks so very, very much and, if we don't hear from you during our post-season dates, have a very warm & wonderful holiday season!

The Centgraf's


Red Tabby Spinach

Tom Thumb Lettuce

Rainbow Carrots & Parsnips

Portabella Mushrooms

Baby & Full-Size Fennel

Red Norland New Potatoes

Baby Kale

Green Onions

Collards & Kale

Crimini Mushrooms

The Winter Squash Bundle

The Roasting Bundle

Honey Crisp & Crispin Apples

Photos: Idared Apples, Portabella Mushrooms, Mini Tom Thumb Lettuce Head, Red Norland New Potatoes



1 Small Bunch of Thyme/Sage Mix

1 Small Bunch of Parsley

8 oz. Sweet Red Tabby Spinach

2 Pounds of Rainbow Carrots

3 Pounds of Red Norland Potatoes

2 Small Leek

1 Small Market Butternut

VALUE OF $18.00


1 Small Bunch of Thyme/Sage Mix

1 Big Bunch of Parsley

10oz. Sweet Red Tabby Spinach

1.5 Pounds of Baby Fennel

1 Pound of Bulk Red Beets

2 Pounds of Rainbow Carrots

3 Pounds of Red Norland Potatoes

2 Small Leek

1 Large Market Butternut

3 Pounds of Idared

VALUE OF $33.25


1 Small Bunch of Thyme/Sage Mix

1 Big Bunch of Parsley

1 Pound Sweet Red Tabby Spinach

1.5 Pounds of Baby Fennel

2 Pounds of Bulk Red Beets

2 Pounds of Rainbow Carrots

3 Pounds of Rutabaga

3 Pounds of Red Norland Potatoes

4 Small Leek

1 Large Market Butternut

3 Pounds of Idared

VALUE OF $45.00



Cider Roasted Root Vegetables

This is my go-to recipe for Thanksgiving veggies, and I usually go all out. Beets, Heirloom Carrots, Rutabaga, Fennel and lots & lots of Fresh Herbs (especially thyme and sage). I always cut the cider vinegar with white wine and real apple cider:) Red beets tend to bleed into the mix, so I skip them.

I prep & oil the veggies the night before, to save time. Storing them in gallon plastic bags does wonders to retain their moisture, but having freshly harvested root veggies is truly the key!

The Easiest French Apple Tart

I've been wanting to try and share this recipe for weeks, and to be honest, of course I never had the chance!

Fortunately, mom & I have a full day for cooking this week, so I'm really looking forward to trying this one! I'm planning to try it with a mix of Honey Crisps and Crispin Apples.

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from Piping Pot Curry

The Roasting Bundle: Cider Roasted Root Vegetables

from Simply Recipes


Weekly Order Cut-Off Time is Noon on Monday.

Deliveries & Pickups are on Tuesday this week.

Post Season Dates are planned for December 8th and 22nd.


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