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Market Subscriptions & Pricing Table

Be sure to continue to Registration & Scheduling after the Purchase of a Plan.

We offer two ways to shop for a Market Subscription Plan: by Market Credit Value or by Box Size / Number of Fulfillment Weeks. If you're looking to shop The Market and choose-your-own, browse the plans by Market Value; if you're planning to pre-schedule some or all of your boxes, browse by Box Size & Number of Weeks. Either way, all plans allow you to switch between Market Credit and scheduling. This way, you may tailor your Market Subscription to your weekly needs and shopping preferences.

If you're only planning to get a box 6-8 times this season, check out our "Trial Subscription" options.

Plans & Prices

Please consult our Pickup Location information and/or Current Delivery Area list prior to purchasing a plan.

2022 Prices & Plan Choice

Use the dropdown boxes to find your plan or just scroll through the table and click a row.

Your selected plan will pop up below the pricing table.

Browse plans by Market Credit Value instead of by Box Size & Number of Weeks.

You must select all four options to narrow it down to a single plan.

Browse plans by Box Size & Number of Weeks instead of by Market Credit Value.

You must select all three options to narrow it down to a single plan.

Click "Reset Choices" to view our Regular Subscription Plans.


Box Size
Number of Boxes
Market Credit Value
Pickup or Delivery
Payment Method

***Read The Important Trial Subscription Terms Below The Table.

Click "Reset Choices" to view our Regular Subscription Plans.

*The $105 Home Delivery Plus membership fee is included in the plan price for options with pre-paid delivery. If you'd prefer to pay for home delivery as needed, select \"Free Pickup / Pay-As-You-Go Delivery\", and pay for delivery through The Market.

My Selected Plan:

Plan Name

  • Default Box Size:

Small, Couple-Sized Box

  • Number of Boxes:


  • Market Credit Value:


  • Pickup or Delivery: 

Home Delivery

  • Payment Method:

4 Monthly Payments

$888 per month

$3 less than if you were to buy through The Market, and you have the option to choose-your-own!


Reset Choices

if you'd like to see a different plan.

An Important  Note About Monthly Payment Plans:

The first installation of your 4-month payment plan will go through today. Your monthly payment day will be determined by today's date and will not necessarily line up with your pickup schedule. Depending on your plan's purchase date and your box scheduling / ordering time-line, your final payment may be either before the end of the season or after the season's end.

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