Market Subscriptions & Pricing Table

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We base our price points on the size of box and the number of fulfillments that you may use throughout the season. Since all of our plans offer the freedom to swap box types and the ability to preschedule, reschedule, or even skip scheduling all together, none of these initial selections will be written in stone. They are simply a starting point that allows access to all that our Market Subscriptions have to offer.

Box Sizes

If you plan on scheduling and auto-enrolling some of your boxes, the size of box you choose now will be your default box on the weeks that you schedule. This way, you'll still get a box of farm-fresh veggies even when you don't have time for online shopping. 

Small, Couple-Sized Box

Large, Family-Sized Box

The small "Farmer Knows Best" box is filled with $24-$26 worth of fresh veggies from our farm and about $8 worth of fresh, local fruit.

If you choose to swap for Market Credit or for a different box type in The Market, the weekly Trade-In Value of this box is $30.

The large "Farmer Knows Best" box is filled with $36-$38 worth of fresh veggies from our farm and about $8 worth of fresh, local fruit.

If you choose to swap for Market Credit or for a different box type in The Market, the weekly Trade-In Value of this box is $42.

What's in the "default" box?

Many, if not most, of  our customers prefer our "Farmer Knows Best" boxes. We select from the best produce on the farm and tend towards smaller portions and more variety. We are known for being very generous with our farmer's-choice boxes, so they are by far the best value in The Market! 


Plus, adding on to your "default" box is a cinch. Simply, visit your personal market page, click "Add On To My Box," and shop for what you want.  Use your market credit or simply pay for the add-ons at checkout.


Box contents and recipes are posted weekly on Fridays or Saturdays. You can view them on your personal market page, in our Weekly Newsletter, or on our "What's In Season" blog.

Number of Weeks

Like box size, the number of fulfillments you select now is only a starting point. If you're planning to schedule boxes, the number of fulfillments you choose below would be the maximum number of weeks you can schedule at registration. If you're looking to swap for credit, pay attention to the Market Credit Value of each plan. That's the amount you'll start with if you don't schedule any boxes at all. 




Get up to 12 pre-scheduled boxes this season.

Market Credit Value:



Get up to 18 pre-scheduled boxes this season.

Market Credit Value:



Get up to 24 pre-scheduled boxes this season.

Market Credit Value:



Any boxes you do not schedule will be automatically converted into market credit.

The more weeks you buy, the more you save! We offer graduated pricing that allows you to save on your subscription boxes or market credit.

Choosing the 24-week full-season option can save you up to $57 on initial buy-in alone!

Get up to $10 more in free Market Credit if you schedule all at registration.

Subscription Add-Ons

"Fresh Is The Best" Loyalty Rewards Program

You will be automatically enrolled upon Registration, and it's simple: The more frequently you get a box, the more you earn!

  • After every three box fulfillments, earn a new Market Reward Credit...we'll add it directly to your Market Balance.

  • With every new reward, your Market Reward increases.​..earn up to $52 in total Market Rewards this season!​

  • View Your Market Coupon Code and Balance on our need to remember your code!​​

Rewards are distributed only after your box has been picked up or delivered and are added to your account a couple of days later.

Home Delivery PLUS Membership

This optional membership is for those who plan to use our Home Delivery Service frequently. (More than 12 times per season.) The membership includes:

  • Unlimited Free Home Delivery for the whole season on all scheduled boxes or orders over $30! Including any pre- or post-season dates.

  • Available to both our Market Subscribers and Online Market Customers...This season, a Home Delivery Plus membership without a Market Subscription does not give you access to our choose-your-own box.

  • "No-Fuss." No more worries about coordinating pickup. Just leave out a large cooler or the empty box from a previous delivery.

  • We'll text upon delivery. Feel free to call or text us after 5pm for estimated arrival time.

  • Option to purchase later in the season...roll your Home Delivery Plus membership into your Market Subscription plan here or purchase it later in The Market. (There's only the upfront payment option in The Market.)

Delivery only available on Wednesdays from 4pm-8pm, most are after 6pm. Holiday-week deliveries may fall on odd days.

They are: Thurs. 7/7, Thurs. 9/8, & Tue. 11/22.  Your address must fall within our Current Delivery Area.  

$120 Membership Fee does not include produce, but covers all of your home delivery fees

for the season. Our regular weekly delivery fee is $10 this year.

Add-On Market Credit

Add-On Market Credit is completely optional and can be purchased through The Market as needed.

  • Refill your Market Credit Balance to use on anything in The Market besides home delivery fees.

  • Market Credit is not required for the choose-your-own box or for the Add-On Market, but it is needed for pre-scheduling boxes after you've run out of your initial plan credit.

  • We award a little extra credit with every credit refill, so it is a better deal.

  • We ask that you use up all of your Market Credit by the end of the season. If we see that you have a balance towards the end of the year, we'll send an email reminder to use it. Under most circumstances, we will roll over credit, but we cannot guarantee it.

Egg Subscriptions

Our farm-fresh eggs are a hot item around here! This season, we're offering a limited number of egg subscriptions so you can beat the first-come, first-served weekly rush:

  • Choice of a 12-week, 18-week, or 24-week subscription.

  • One dozen eggs will be sent with every box that you order or schedule.

  • We do not offer subscription eggs for pickup or delivery on weeks that you do not order a box.

  • Depending on availability, we can double-up on eggs in your box. Just contact us asap, so we can update our inventory.

We're doing everything we can to keep our hens safe, but due to Avian Flu concerns, egg subscription fulfillment is wholly dependent upon the health of our chickens. So far, they are happy and very healthy! 

A Note Regarding Egg Subscriptions:

Our chickens are still very happy and healthy, but we did not expand our flock this Spring because of worries about Avian Flu.  Due to this, we are expecting a shortage during peak season and are only offering egg subscriptions to our Egg Subscribers from last year.

We will, however, be selling our eggs through The Market, first come, first served. And, if Avian Flu seems to be backing down, we'll do all we can to safely expand our brood in order to open up Egg Subscriptions to more subscribers later in the season.

Please consult our Pickup Location information and/or Current Delivery Area list prior to purchasing a plan.

2022 Prices & Plan Choice

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Browse plans by Market Credit Value instead of by Box Size & Number of Weeks.

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Pickup or Delivery
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*Home Delivery Plus membership fee included in price for options with delivery. The Home Delivery Plus fee is not included in the Market Credit Value, as Market Credit Value only reflects the total box value. All home delivery fees are pre-paid for the season when you select Home Delivery.

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An Important  Note About Monthly Payment Plans:

The first installation of your 4-month payment plan will go through today. Your monthly payment day will be determined by today's date and will not necessarily line up with your pickup schedule. Depending on your plan's purchase date and your box scheduling / ordering time-line, your final payment may be either before the end of the season or after the season's end.