What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #22

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November 7th, 2021

Hi there! Only three more weeks left to our regular, the farming season just flew by this year!

We had some very, very cold nights last week; but, our preparations paid off as we managed to keep a nice variety of things alive and well under their frost blankets. We also managed to harvest a great deal of items for winter storage. And, now, it looks like we have a rather mild November ahead of us!

Speaking of winter storage, we're offering a Winter Squash Bundle for those of you who want to stock up. Only $14 for a full "produce box" worth of winter squash. We'll include a mix of all of our squash varieties, and will be sure to fill it as full as we can. Only, be careful when picking it up--that box is heavy!!

If you haven't got a chance to try them yet, some of the real stars in The Market are currently Celery, Green Onions, Winter Radishes, Honeynuts and Curly Bloomsdale Spinach. The spinach is truly amazing this time of year--so sweet and flavorful; Honeynut Squash and our Winter Radish Mix are sure to be new favorites; while our Celery and Green Onions are treats that are sure to sell out quickly!

Also, I'd hate for you to miss out on the irony that our sweet laying hens are suddenly laying more eggs than at any time this season! So, now is a great time to grab a dozen or two! We also have Pullet Eggs still available: our most recent additions are currently laying around 6 dozen pullet-sized eggs per week. These little delicacies are best prepared simply (fry or poach them) as you'll get the most out of their amazing flavor that way. On the other hand, our mid-summer pullets have blossomed into full-grown hens and are now laying lots of medium-sized beauties. Their eggs are great for frying, poaching, boiling and baking.

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather today!

The Centgraf's