What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #17

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October 3rd, 2021

Hubbards, and Pumpkins, and Mini Squash--oh my!

Fall veggies came in all at once this week (and some last patches of summer veggies, too!) We have quite the selection in The Market this week!

We have some fun and delicious additions to our Winter Squash Collection this season. Try our new assortment of Mini Squash: these tiny 3/4 pound squash are perfect for individual "Squash Bowl" servings and make wonderful decor! The super popular "Small Wonder" Spaghetti Squash are starting as well as a fun variety of Hubbard Squash--every shape and size you could imagine! Butternuts and Honeynuts are not quite ripe yet, but, in the meantime, try our Black Futsu Butternut. Pretty gnarly on the outside, but just as smooth as any honeynut on the inside. The skin is delicate and edible like a Delicata.

Happily, our fall patch of Rapini (aka Broccoli Raab) is ready. Pea Shoots have begun again as well as a larger crop of Fennel Bulb (Fennel thrives in the Fall.) Nasturtium Blossoms are gorgeous, and so are our new patches of Upland Cress and Italiko Red Dandelion. Napa Cabbage is also beginning to firm up into some rather large heads (Red Dragon Napa will start in a week or two).

Thankfully, we missed the September frost, so our last Bean Patch made it through. It is beautiful; however, we're short on Yellow Wax Beans for the time being. Our "Silver Queen" White Corn field is still nice; however, please, please note that every tip needs to be cut off! We sort them out as much as we can, but at this point in the season, you can only have worm-free corn with a good deal of pesticide use (that we opt not to use!)

Our decorative Jack-O-Lanterns and an assortment of Mini Pie-Pumpkins are listed in The Market now. I'm very happy with our new 'small' Jack-O-Lantern variety. They have the prettiest stems! We also added a bright Yellow Jack-O-Lantern to the mix! Stacking Pumpkins and Warty Pumpkins will be available next week.

Our Soup Bundle and other Quick Bundles will be making an appearance again starting next week. I had so many new items to add this week that I simply ran out of time!