What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #2

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

June 19th, 2021

It rained!! It rained twice!!! Just when we were really starting to worry, the weather pattern suddenly changed in our favor!

Things were looking bleak: Dad and I seeded on June 7th and not a single seed had germinated from that planting. Established plants had completely stopped growing, our high-tunnel beans lost their flowers, and the soil was getting hard. Then, with that solid rain on Thursday night, everything popped up like magic by Friday morning. You could almost watch the new seedlings grow! All in all, you have some pretty happy farmers here at Centgraf Farms!

We still have only a modest selection of vegetables; but, we now have Peas! Our delicious Snow Peas and Sugar Snaps started yesterday, and they are fantastic! Yesterday, to my dismay, our daughter said "I want sugar, no snap." Fortunately, despite her initial ask, she enjoyed her peas, "snap" and all. I think we have a convert!

Besides peas, Rainbow Chard, Bunched Kale, Broccoli Raab, Baby Spring Onions and Baby Leeks have begun. More and more herbs are coming in every day, while our selections of Salad and Braising Greens are also growing. Our Baby Salad Mix and our new boutique Mini Bibb Lettuce is not to be passed by! Beets are also still wonderful, but don't toss your tops! After giving them a nice cold bath, just steam them lightly and serve with olive oil and salt. They're almost better than the beets!

Don't forget to grab some of Gourmet Delight's mouth-watering Crimini orPortobello Mushrooms and Mayberry Farm's delicious Strawberries. We thought for certain Strawberry season was done for, but the berries bounced right back with the recent rains. They may be smaller than last week, but their concentrated sweetness is not to be missed! And, for those of you who want berries in bulk, we're offering a limited quantity of 10-pound flats this week only.

As always, be sure to order by Sunday night midnight for pickup or delivery Tuesday evening. Our Mobile Market is running smoothly now, so feel free to shop on your phone again! Please call or text Nicole if you have any questions.

Happy Juneteenth Day!

The Centgraf's