What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #4

July 3rd, 2021

Happy 4th of July!

The 4th is always a turning-point in our season, one where we go from spring farming with a few new crops here and there to the hustle & bustle of true summer crops with lots of new varieties starting every day! The 4th is also our family's last day off until Thanksgiving, so--woo-hoo--Happy 4th of July!

So, what's new this week? Besides Blueberries, Sweet Cherries, and mouth-watering Raspberries, our Green Snap Beans, Kohlrabi, and Baby Zucchini & Summer Squash Mix have begun. Our zesty Nasturtium blossoms are starting, Curly Endive (aka Friseé) have been blanched, and our Full-Size Green Romaine is ready. Also, don't forget a bunch of our nice French Breakfast Radishes or try some of our unique White Itachi Cucumbers or Purple Beauregarde Snow Peas! And, as always, there's so much more coming soon!

Fred, our berry & peach farmer in Coloma, MI, has had an even more extreme Spring than us. Their mini-drought was hotter & dryer than ours, and, then, they experienced a week of super heavy rains. In other words, the worst combination of weather conditions for berry growing!

To give his berries a chance to recoup after the rains, we've agreed to pick up on Tuesday night and to push our pickups & deliveries to Wednesday this week. This way, you'll have until Monday night to shop or add on to your box, we'll get a much-needed day off, and we'll all get some yummy berries & cherries this week! I think it's a win-win! (But, please let me know if the schedule change does not work for you--we'll work to accommodate you!)

Also, for our Online Market Customers, don't forget our new "Fresh Is The Best" Loyalty Program! This week (Wednesday) will be our 4th week of the season, which means that your first Loyalty Badges & Coupons will be sent out to you on Tuesday morning. (I have to wait for the store to close on Monday night before the weekly update goes through.) You're welcome to use your Market Coupons on anything in season!

Thank you so much for another wonderful week,

The Centgraf's