Radishes, Winter Heirloom Mix

Radishes, Winter Heirloom Mix

Radishes, Winter Heirloom Mix


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3 med/large radishes for $4.00 or 6 for $7


I know the word "Winter" is scary this time of year, but these beauties are worth a try!


Heirloom winter radishes are milder and sweeter than your traditional red salad radish, larger yet just as crisp, with more complexities of flavor, and way cooler to look at!


My favorite preparation: Thinly slice, lightly salt, drizzle with olive oil. Simple and good.


Photo of our Heirloom Radishes courtesy of Odd Duck Restaurant.


**If you want more than two different types of radishes, either choose the Multi-Color Mix or add your first selection to the cart then come back and add the second set.**