Mini Winter Squash

Mini Winter Squash

Mini Winter Squash


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$1.75 each or 4 for $6 (around .75 pound each)


Great as a personal-sized squash or as decor (that you can later eat!) This adorable little mix may include Mini "Heart of Gold" Striped Acorn, Mini Buttercup, Mini Mooregold Kabocha, Mini Shokichi Shiro (Gray Kabocha), and Mini Honeynut Butternut.


For personal-sized squash bowls: Wash and carefully prick with a fork or knife. Roast at 350 degrees with a tad of water. Check periodically for done-ness or to add a bit more water. Slice in half, seed, and add butter and brown sugar (if you're feeling devious). And serve.


For some of the kabocha varieties with larger seed cavities, I use the squash from one half to fill the other half. Honestly, the flavor in the kabocha is worth the lesser quantity of squash!


*Please note, I tried cutting my mini squash in half half-way through the cooking proccess (I'm impatient.) It worked, but I lost my gray kabocha to the pan...better to keep them whole. They cook quickly.