What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #9

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August 7th, 2021

At last - a solid rain! Our sweet corn, beans, greens, melon plants and tomatoes look almost as happy as us!

Speaking of tomatoes: despite all of the dry spells, they're finally ripening up! Our pretty little Artisan Cocktail Tomatoes have begun and our full-size Heirloom Tomatoes are not far behind! I'll be sure to add one or two to our "Farmer Knows Best" boxes if I manage to find some on Tuesday morning.

The rain will also do wonders for our Tri-Color Mix Beans, Mini Eggplant Mix, Sweet Bell Pepper and Sweet Corn patches! We were getting a lower yield than usual, but I think they'll bounce back nicely after the rains. Also, be sure to snatch up a bunch of our new Easter Egg Radishes and some of our ultra tender Broccolini this week. Both have been loving these cooler nights.

Now is the time of our expected gap in lettuce--it really doesn't do that well in the heat of summer, so we plan a little gap in patches around this time. Our next solid patch of lettuce will likely start in about two weeks. In the meantime, try some of our Caraflex Cabbage, also known as "Sweetheart Cabbage." Caraflex is more delicate and sweeter than regular cabbage, and works perfectly in fresh salads or slaw. Otherwise, Tokyo Bekana is our heat-of-the-summer go-to that pairs nicely with a sesame oil based dressing (or simple olive oil and salt.) Salad Arugula and Mizuna are also doing quite well this week.

Our neighbors at Hill Side Honey are sharing their natural, raw wildflower honey with us! Find their honey listed under the Mushrooms & Eggs section of our Add-On Market. A tad zippy with a hint of mint, their 100% natural honey is produced entirely on their small farmstead just 2 miles away from our farm. Carefully bottled with no filtering or heating. All natural, unpasteurized honey is a healthy treat!

Also, we're happy to announce our newest Pickup Location: Family Pet Clinic in Menomonee Falls. It's located on Appleton Avenue between Lilly and Good Hope, just across from St. Anthony's. Pickup times will be the same as the rest, Tuesday evenings, and as always, we'll text one hour before your order is available. Boxes will be placed near the back entrance in the lower lot. Also, if you're in the area and need care for your pet - they're the best (they also happen to be my aunt and uncle:)

Enjoy Your Weekend!

The Centgraf's