What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #7

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July 24th, 2021

We have so many new items to share with you this week! Topmost among them is our Tri-Color Snap Bean Mix, Medium-Sized Rainbow Carrots, Shishito Peppers, Pickling Cucumbers and our adorable new "Tom Thumb" Baby Bibb.

Despite some challenges with our early beans this year, our second patch is up, ready, and the prettiest field I've seen in years! We were actually fighting over who got to pick beans yesterday (now, that's a first!) We have two sizes of beans, our regular "Snap" Beans and our "French Filet" Baby Beans--they're both delicious this week and ultra-tender.

Our Heirloom Carrots have finally decided to size up for us, Shishito Peppers have started and Pickling Cucumbers have begun. I've put up quantity limits on the site for pickles this week, so you can get a chance to try some of them before you go on to your pickle project. Plus, we always start the season off with a wait list, so we need a chance to catch up! If you are looking for lots of pickles for your project, please let me know and we'll get you on the list. For bulk, this season, we are $3 per pound or $50 per basket.

Our next patch of lettuces and salad greens have begun as well. Try our brand new "Tom Thumb" Baby Bibb lettuce. They're extremely mild-flavored, crisp, sweet, and, well, adorable. Each perfectly-formed little head is about the size of baseball or smaller. Also recommended on the salad front this week is Friseé, Arugula, Central-Red Mizuna and Scarlet Frills.

Fortunately our heat-loving veggies had a chance to flourish for a few days this week, so our very sweet (never GMO) Sweet Corn is wonderful now. Peaches, too, although they did need a day out of the fridge to ripen up. Raspberries are on a break for a couple of weeks, but Fred's Apricots have begun. (You've never tried an apricot if you haven't had one fresh off of the tree!)

Besides all of that, our new Centgraf Farms Community Page and Members Area is coming along! Members are starting to share photos, recipes and ideas on the group, and I finally have a way to better keep in touch with you. Thanks to this, you no longer have to wait to shop until I get out of the fields long enough to write the weekly newsletter;)

You're also invited to download our new "Centgraf Farm Market" App to get instant market updates on your phone. I promise I won't spam you with constant beeps -- I'll keep it down to alerts when the Market is restocked or the occasional last-minute product add. We're also still offering a $3 Market Coupon to anyone who downloads the app. I know how it is, I'm the last one to want another app on my phone, but this one will be unintrusive and helpful!

Well, I hope you've had another nice week and we hope to hear from you soon,

The Centgraf's