What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #5

July 10th, 2021

Hi there,

Another wonderful week on the farm! Everything's growing wonderfully: broccoli's about a week out, sweet corn's starting to fill out, and green tomato clusters are hanging on the vines. We are currently experiencing a bit of an expected gap in plantings from our early June mini-drought, but the next patches are catching up quickly. We'll have more than we can pick before you know it!

New this week is Bulk Berries & Cherries from Coloma, MI, Medium Orange & Gold Heirloom Carrots (more colors to start soon), Baby Multi-Color Carrots, Choi Sum and Shanghai Bok Choi. Our gorgeous Zucchini & Squash Blossoms are happily blooming and our new "seedless" Euro Cukes have begun in limited quantities. We also have a limited quantity of English Shucking Peas by the pound.

If you haven't tried it yet, our Salad Bundle is a great deal! For a full bundle you get a 1.25 pound mix of baby lettuce, arugula, mizuna or spinach. This week, the bundle features our baby lettuce mix with our zippy arugula. Please remember to remove your Salad Mix from the bag and store it in a sealed plastic or glass container or tub. There may still be a bit of water at the bottom of the bag, and lettuce hates to sit in water.

We work hard to pick you the freshest veggies in town, so to keep your fresh veggies fresh, we're starting an ice-pack exchange program for our home deliveries. I've created a little Sign-Up sheet on our Market page where, if you sign up, we will leave 2-3 frozen ice packs per delivery. All you have to do is leave the melted icepacks for us to take back with us on the following week, and we'll keep exchanging them for frozen ones. If you have a bunch of ice packs lying around, we welcome donations! This way we can keep our veggies, fruit and eggs nice and fresh!

Looking forward to another great week,

The Centgraf's