What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #18

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October 10th, 2021

What beautiful Fall weather we've had this week! It truly makes harvest a delight!

Our Fall Greens are loving it as well, and it's looking like we'll have a pretty nice Early Winter selection when it comes around to it. Not as much new starting this week as last, but we still have a full selection in The Market!

New this week are Sweet Fall Parsnips - a requirement to any good veggie or chicken stock - Winter Sweet Kabocha, Stacking Pumpkins, Jonathan Apples, and Cortland Apples. Now that the hustle & bustle of peak season has passed, we're also featuring our Quick Bundle deals again. This week we have our Baby Salad Mix Bundle, a nice beet & carrot Roasting Bundle, a Braising Greens Bundle that features Honey Crisp Apples, and a delicious Soup Bundle. Recipes for each bundle are posted in their market listings and can be later accessed in our "What's In Season" Blog.

We've been busy harvesting Winter Squash and Pumpkins all week, and like many other farmers, we too are experiencing a reduced yield this season. Fortunately, we always grow way too much squash and will definitely have enough to last us until Christmas; however, we may run out of some of the more popular varieties before season's end. Butternuts have been taking their time ripening, but I expect we'll have some ready for you next week.

Now is also a great time for preserving Tomatoes, Peppers, and Pears, or for putting up kraut, making applesauce or fermenting green tomatoes. We already have bulk listings of tomatoes and pears in The Market, but if you're looking for a bulk quantity of anything else, just send me a message and I'll post a bulk price for you straight away.

Happy Fall!

The Centgraf's