What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #10

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

August 14th, 2021

What a storm we had last Tuesday! Hopefully, things are looking up now that the power is back on! On the farm (for once, this season), the worst of the storm missed us. Although, I've never seen zucchini bushes twisted up in knots before...odd, to say the least.

As always on the farm, we brush ourselves off and dive right back in! Fortunately, only a small percent of the farm was lost to flooding, the rest actually benefited from the rain.

The much-needed moisture finally convinced our Heirloom Tomatoes to ripen (melons are not far behind, one more week.) However, we have lots of "Imperfect" tomatoes with superficial cracks and splits as well. Imperfect Tomatoes are listed at half-price. They're just as fantastic as our A-Grade Heirlooms, but it's recommended that you use them faster...fresh salsa, anyone?? Full-Size Beefsteaks should start next week.

Also, most fortunately, our next patch of French Filet Beans is starting. In usual growing conditions, we grow 5-7 successive plantings of beans to keep them young and continuously in stock the whole season. This year, our early patch was lost completely to the late May frost and this third, new patch was late due to the drought. This led us to pick the second patch longer than normal, which in turn led to tougher beans than we had hoped. (If you got beans last week, we'll throw in some free ones this week to make up for the tough ones last week;) Thank goodness we're finally on to the next patch!

Despite the weather, new this week includes Red Cabbage, Dragon Tongue Shelling Beans, a new patch of Choi Sum and Baby Shanghai Bok Choi, Rainbow Mini Cauliflower (and a handful of full size heads), New Potatoes and adorable Baby Bite-Sized Potatoes, Nectarines and sweet-tart Blackberries.

Another exciting addition to our market is our adorable and truly amazing Pullet Eggs. I have to admit that, at first (as I'm new to raising chickens), I had no idea what to do with those cute, little eggs. So, I asked around and did a little egg-frying experiment with my 7-year old, and, wow, were we blown away! These little delicacies truly stay intact when poached, fried, or lightly roasted, so you can enjoy every bit of flavorful goodness that they offer. Plus, what's not to love about a delicious, bitty little tiny egg?

Don't forget to try our neighbors' luxuriously-sweet, slightly zippy wildflower honey! Hill Side Honey is listed under the Mushrooms & Eggs section of our Add-On Market.

Also, feel free to utilize our newest pickup location at Family Pet Clinic in Menomonee Falls. It's located on Appleton Avenue between Lilly and Good Hope, just across from St. Anthony's. Pickup times will be the same as the rest, Tuesda