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What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #1

The Online Market Season Has Begun At Last!

Order by Noon Tuesday for Wednesday delivery or pickup.

Market Signup, Sweet Corn, Peaches, and Tomatoes all in the same week!

First of all, thank you to all of you who have been waiting patiently to sign up this year. I had an unexpected and overwhelming amount of issues with the site overhaul! But it's complete at last and, hopefully, will run smoothly from here on out! However, since we've had so many issues with the WIX servers, I finally convinced someone at WIX to be on stand-by in case something else pops up. So, please let me know if you have any difficulties at all!

So, without further ado, I am happy to announce that sign-up for Market Subscriptions and the Add-On Market are officially open! And, just in time for peak season!

On to this week's newsletter: What's In Season?

Growing conditions have been less than favorable this spring and summer. Between the insanely heavy rains, the super-hot dry spells, and the late, wet Spring, germination has been consistently poor and we've experienced a few crop fails. Saddest of all, for me, was the loss of our celery, early broccolini, and our first mini cucumber patch. Fortunately, our next patches of Broccolini and Mini Cucumbers are up and growing well. (Regular Broccoli made it through and should be ready in a couple of weeks; we'll have to wait until next year for celery.)

On the bright side, we did receive our Sweet Potato slips this Spring, and the vines are growing beautifully! We're also having a fantastic Onion and Tomato season. Artisan Cocktail Tomatoes are ready to be picked and the first blush of color on our Heirloom Tomatoes has made an appearance! Sweet Corn is starting (it will be rather small-kerneled this week), our regular Cucumbers and Pickling Cucumbers are flourishing, and our Tri-Color Beans are fantastic!

As mentioned, MI Peaches have just begun--and they are wonderful--while, Blueberries and Cherries have been out of this world delicious! Oddly enough, we've also had a nice long pea season, but grab some while you can! This last patch always comes and goes quickly!

How To Shop

I put together a nice selection of our current offerings in this week's box choices. So, if you're just looking to grab a "Farmer Knows Best" or "Basics" Box, things on the site are rather similar to last year: Simply choose your box and add on as needed. Only, you will be prompted to fill out either the Home Delivery Address or Pickup Location Form on your way to checkout. These once-and-done forms only take a moment to fill out.

However, if you are looking to choose what goes in your box this season, check out our Market Subscriptions. Market Subscriptions start at $342 or $89 per month and allow you access to our choose-your-own box for the entire season, even after your subscription runs out. They give you the freedom to schedule your boxes, switch box types as needed, or swap for Market Credit to shop when you want.

If you want home delivery, you're also welcome to pair your Market Subscription with a new or existing Home Delivery PLUS Membership. The one big change for this season is that choose-your-own boxes are only available to Market Subscribers. Due to the shape of the world this year, Home Delivery PLUS memberships only cover delivery fees.

Registration is relatively quick and straightforward, but as always, I'm happy to register you over the phone. Click the Market Subscription Pricing Button to check them out or give me a call anytime between 8am-10pm. I may be in the fields, but I'll be sure to get you registered asap.

Thanks again for your interest in our farm programs this year. Despite all of the challenges, my family and I will work tirelessly to overcome anything the season has to throw at us. But, truly, that is something we could not do without you!

Here's to fresh sweet corn, juicy peaches, blushing tomatoes and a functioning website!

The Centgraf's


Fava Beans

Pickling Cucumbers

Flowered Dill

Nasturtium Flowers

Cocktail Tomatoes

Early Sweet Corn

Slicing Cucumbers


Plum Mix



Tri-Color Bean Mix

Sugar Snap Peas

Pea Pod Mix

Crimini Mushrooms

Multi-Color Beets

Radiccio & Frisee


Green Onions

Sweet Ailsa Craig Walla Walla Onions

Zucchini & Patty Pan Squash


Rainier Cherries

Photos Starting From Top: Henry Sr. Planting, Rainier Cherries, English Shelling Peas, Italian Parsley, Radicchio, Artisan Cocktail Tomatoes, Peaches from K & K Farms



2 oz. Chervil

1 Slicing Cucumber

1 Pint English Shelling Peas

2 Kohlrabi

2 Red Tropea Onions

1 Bunch Rainbow Carrots

VALUE OF $18.60


1 Bunch of Multi-Color Beets

2 oz. Chervil

1 Slicing Cucumber

1 Pint Crimini Mushrooms

1 Pint English Shelling Peas

2 Kohlrabi

1 Red Tropea Onion

1 Bunch Rainbow Carrots

Half-Pound of Cherries

1 Pound of Peaches

VALUE OF $32.75


1 Bunch of Multi-Color Beets

4 oz. Chervil

2 Slicing Cucumbers

1 Pint Crimini Mushrooms

1 Full Pound English Shelling Peas

4 Kohlrabi

2 Red Tropea Onions

2 Bunches Rainbow Carrots

Half-Pound of Cherries

1 Pound of Peaches

VALUE OF $45.50

If you're already a Market Subscriber, either go to your personal Subscribers Page to switch your scheduled box or select a box from "Market Subscriber's Weekly Box Choice."



Beets With Yogurt and Chervil

This delicious and healthy dish is one of my favorites. Beets with fresh Chervil are a real treat!

Although, I've never slow-simmered my beets, perhaps it is worth a try. I doubt I have the patience for an entire hour of simmering, though!

Join our Community Page to find & share other great recipes!


Weekly Order Cut-Off Time is Noon on TUESDAY this week.

Deliveries & Pickups are on Wednesday evening.


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