What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #1

June 11th, 2021

Phew! Who would've guessed it'd be this hot for the start of our season! Watering cans and hoses in hand, we're ready for whatever this season brings!

That being said, welcome to the 2nd season of our Online Market! Not surprisingly, we're starting off with a lot of greens. We have plenty of gorgeous lettuce, from full-size bunches to baby mix to our Baby Salad Mix Bundle (the best deal, of course.) We also have plenty of other atypical salad greens, like scarlet frills, arugula, baby kale and even pea shoots. Heartier braising greens are also getting started, as well as our herbs and edible flowers. And, we're on our last picking of our super sweet Curly Spinach, so get some while you can!

Besides greens, herbs & flowers, we're starting out with Baby Beets, Gourmet Delight's tasty mushrooms and Mayberry Farm's fantastically sweet Strawberries. Strawberry season looks like it will be a short one this season, so be sure to add some to your box this week or, better yet, bring your family up to Mayville for a fun u-pick experience at Mayberry Farms!

So much more is coming soon: peas, beans, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, sweet onions and broccolini, to name a few. Blueberry and cherry season is also just around the corner, while our early sweet corn is already calf-high!

Please remember to leave out a large cooler, box or basket for us to place your order in...and, with this heat, we highly recommend a cooler! For Pickup Locations, be sure to collect your eggs from the Egg Cooler and please bring your own bags to collect your goodies--we're trying to conserve on cardboard use as much as possible.

And, as always, feel free to call or text if you have any questions.

Here's to another great growing season!

The Centgraf's

Photos: Fresh Juicy Strawberries, Our Free-Range Chicken Eggs, our "Strawberry Queen" (last year's pho