What's In Season - Weekly Newsletter #3

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

June 26th, 2021

We've been happily plodding around in the mud all week! In the meantime, our veggies have been showing their contentment by growing like crazy!!

In addition to our delicious Snow Peas, Sugar Snaps, and Multi-Color Beets, we now have Baby Orange Carrots and Cherry Belle Red Radishes. Collard Greens and Italian Flat-Leaf Parsley have also begun. We also have limited quantities of Mini Cucumbers, Curly "Spring Bloomsdale" Spinach, and Rosemary Clippings.

Now is truly the time to enjoy a big, fresh bowl of salad! Try mixing our boutique Mini Bibb Trio with our Baby Lettuce Mix for a great salad base, or throw in some Fresh Dill, Italian Parsley, Wild Arugula or Scarlet Frills to spice things up! Otherwise, you can save by grabbing our Quick Salad Mix Bundle this week. For only $9, we offer a full pound of our baby lettuce mix, plus a quarter pound of our zesty scarlet frills. (We also offer a half-bundle for smaller families.)

Strawberries have bounced back wonderfully, so we'll have yet one more week to enjoy Mayberry Farm's delicious berries. You also have one more chance to grab a 10-pound flat (limited quantity).

A lot is on the horizon for us here at Centgraf Farms! Next week, we expect to have kohlrabi, zucchini & summer squash, more varieties of cucumbers and our first green beans of the season! MI blueberries, cherries, and raspberries will also be in on the 6th!

Please remember to add an "I Got It" Box if you're planning to order a la carte this week. It's only a $3 per week charge, and it helps us pay our hard-working packing crew! You can select the "I Got It" Box or any of our "Farmer Knows Best" boxes in the Dropdown Menu on our Box Choice page. You're welcome to skip this step if you're a Classic Subscription member or if you're just adding on to a box.

Looking forward to another wonderful week,

The Centgraf's