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Questions about our Online Farmer's Market or Market Subscriptions? Read our FAQ below.

  • How do I shop The Market?
    Anyone can shop The Market, but it is a two-step process. First, select your Weekly Box. Then, shop the "Add-On" Market to fill your box. Step One: Go to the "Weekly Box Choice" page and select a starting box: Below is our "Weekly Box Choice" page. We have four choices, but only Market Subscribers can select the choose-your-own "I Got It" Box. Step Two: Shop The Market:
  • What are the box choices and how can I find box contents?
    There are three box choices for our Regular Market Customers: The Small "Farmer Knows Best" Box where we choose 8-10 items; the Large "Farmer Knows Best" Box where we choose 8-10 items as well, but larger portions; and the "Basics" Box where we select a base of 4-6 items and you get to select the rest. Find the box contents of each option by clicking "View Box Contents" on each box image. Looking to choose everything that goes in your box or don't want something that's in our pre-set boxes? Become a Market Subscriber, and you are welcome to choose exactly what goes in your box!
  • Is there a minimum or limit to what I can add on to my box?
    Once you've selected your weekly box, there's no limit to what you can add on to it. Just head on over to our "Add-On Market" or use the "Market Menu" to navigate our store pages. We do, however, have a Weekly Minimum Purchase requirement of $30.
  • When can I shop The Market?
    Usually, Saturday-Monday, for Wednesday delivery or pickup. I do my best to get The Market restocked on Fridays. However, depending on how busy we are with our Thursday Restaurant Route and Saturday farmers' market prep, restocking may not happen until Saturday morning. I will post in The Market Bulletin when I've completed weekly restocking. To be among the first to know when The Market is restocked, sign up for our Centgraf Farms Community Page or join our mobile Centgraf Farm Market app to get instant notifications on your phone. You may order prior to restocking, but as things change quickly around here, we cannot guarantee that an item will be in stock. If that happens, we'll message or call you to switch the item out.
  • Can I choose exactly what goes in my box?
    If you'd like to sometimes (or always) choose the contents of your box, sign up for a Market Subscription! At its heart, our Market Subscriptions are a Market Credit System. For example, if you purchase a Trial Membership at $180, you'll instantly get $180 in Market Credit; but, if you purchase one of our larger plans, say at $694, you'll get $720 in Market Credit. Use your Market Credit on box purchases, scheduling boxes, or anything in The Market (except Home Delivery fees)...most importantly, you'll be welcome to choose exactly what goes in your box!
  • Oops, I forgot to add something to my box. Can I add on to my order after checkout?
    Of course! You're welcome to add on to any orders after checkout as long as it's before weekly cutoff time. Simply skip ahead to the Add-On Market through the Market Menu on the top of the page. No need to worry about the minimum order requirement for add-on orders, you've already met the minimum with your previous order!
  • How do I set up a Free Pickup Location or submit my Delivery Address?
    If it's your first time shopping with us this season, you'll be prompted to fill out either a Home Delivery Address or Free Pickup Location form. We'll keep these on file, so you'll only have to fill it out once. Either of these forms are updatable at any time. Please note, the "shipping address" information on the WIX platform's secure checkout page doesn't connect to our system. It's just for payment purposes. Find these forms under the Market Info & Forms menu...or here: Pickup Location Signup Home Delivery Address Form
  • Where do you deliver?
    We cover a large portion of Southeast Wisconsin...essentially Milwaukee north to Cedarburg and west to Oconomowoc. (Sorry, we're not yet delivering to Waukesha.) To simply things, we've posted our delivery area in our Current Delivery Area page. We ask that you search your town or zip code prior to ordering the first time.
  • Tell me more about the Home Delivery PLUS membership.
    A Home Delivery PLUS Membership covers all of your delivery fees for the season. Normally, Home Delivery costs $10 per week, so, if you plan to order more than 12 times this season, Home Delivery PLUS will save you a bunch! Save more, the more HD orders you place! The membership fee does not cover the cost of any produce. However, we extend our free delivery to any pre- or post-season dates that may occur. (These dates are posted last minute and depend on weather/growing conditions.)
  • I'm a Home Delivery customer. Can I pick up my box at market or a Free Pickup Location for a week?
    Yes. If you'd like to visit us at market or pick up your box instead of having it delivered to your home, simply fill out the Pickup Location Signup Form and select "Free Pickup Location" at checkout. If you want to go back to home deliveries, select "Home Delivery" at checkout. No need to fill out any more forms.
  • I'm a Pickup Location customer. Can I have my box delivered to my home for a week?
    Absolutely! If you'd like your box delivered to your home, simply fill out the Home Delivery Address Form and select "Home Delivery" at checkout. If you want to stick with home deliveries and think that you will need more than 12 deliveries throughout the season, sign up for Home Delivery PLUS. If you want to go back to your initial Pickup Location, select "Free Pickup Location" at checkout. No need to fill out any more forms.
  • Do I need to return my empty box?
    Please do, we're working hard to prevent waste! If you're a home delivery customer, just leave your empty box out the next time you expect delivery. If a pickup customer, either bring a large bag to collect your items or bring your empty box back next time. We're also happy to accept any clean egg cartons or plastic berry clamshells:)
  • What are the perks of becoming a Market Subscriber?
    Besides getting access to our choose-your-own box all season long, Market Subscribers can save money on their initial Market Credit purchase, are eligible for our Loyalty Rewards program and have the option to become Home Delivery PLUS members. Choose-your-own box access lasts for the entire season (and post-season), no matter which Market Subscription Plan selected.
  • What is "swap for market credit"?
    Upon purchase of a Market Subscription, you will be sent to a super-quick registration form. Here, you'll have the option to schedule some or all of your boxes or to "swap for credit." Swapping for Market Credit means that instead of pre-scheduling anything, you'd just automatically receive the entire value of your Market Subscription plan as Market Credit. Use your Market Credit to pay for your Weekly Box and any Add-ons.
  • How do I use my Market Credit?
    You can use your Market Credit on anything in The Market besides home delivery fees. All Market Subscribers receive a unique Market Coupon Code upon completion of registration. This unique code and your current Market Balance will appear in The Market and on your cart page whenever you log in to the site. Simply enter in your Coupon Code at checkout, and your Market Credit will be applied to your order. We ask that you use all of your credit by the end of the season. If you run out of credit before season's end, your access to all four box types will remain in place for the rest of the year. If you run out of credit, you have the option to purchase additional Market Credit or to pay at checkout normally. To view your Market Transactions, go to the "Market Balance Info" page under the "Market Subscriber Pages" menu. All changes to your Market Balance will appear here. Scroll through the table to view. Please note, if you purchase something through The Market and do not use your Coupon Code, it will not appear here.
  • I'm not scheduled for a box this week, how do I select my weekly box?
    If you're not scheduled for a box, simply click "Weekly Box Choice" in the Market Menu or click "Choose Your Weekly Box" on the Welcome Page. Market Subscribers have access to all four weekly box choices. Regular Market Customers cannot select this option. Remember to log in to the site first, so our system recognizes you as a subscriber. P.S. We previously had two separate pages, but I managed to code it so that one page does the job;)
  • Can I pre-schedule boxes or change my schedule as needed?
    Absolutely! At registration, you have the option to pre-schedule some or all of your boxes. If you opt to pre-schedule all, we'll award you a Market Credit as thanks. Once you've scheduled a box or boxes, you don't have to do anything further--you'll automatically get a box on your scheduled dates. To view, print, and edit your schedule, visit your "Box Scheduling" page in the "Market Subscriber Pages" menu.
  • Which box will I receive on a "scheduled" week? Can I get a different box or choose what goes in my box instead?
    Scheduled boxes are always either a small or large "Farmer Knows Best" Box. The size of box is determined by the Market Subscription Plan that you purchase. (If you want to change your pre-set box to the other size, just give me a call or send a message...I can do that from my end.) To add on to your scheduled box, skip the weekly box choice and go straight to the Add-On Market. (You've already made your box choice for the week by scheduling it.) If you want a different box on a scheduled week, either "unschedule" your box or visit your Market Subscriber Page and click "Select A Different Box For This Week." The value of your scheduled box will be instantly added to your Market Balance so you can use the credit to select a different box.
  • I'm scheduled for a box, can I swap an item out or switch base boxes?
    If you are scheduled for the week, you're automatically signed up to receive either a Small or Large "Farmer Knows Best" Box. You can view its contents on your Market Subscriber's Page. If you don't want a particular item or items, feel free to switch boxes for the week. (Sorry, it's surprisingly difficult to remember to swap out just one very quickly becomes hundreds of "just one items.") 👩🏻‍🌾 => 🤯 Switching boxes for the week is super easy--it's just three clicks! First: Go to your Market Subscriber's Page. Click One: If you're scheduled for the week, click "Select A Different Box For The Week." (Note, if you don't see that prompt, you might not be scheduled for the week...check your schedule here.) Click Two: Once the value of your scheduled box is added back into your Market Balance, click "Weekly Box Choice." Click Three: Add a different base box to your cart. Now, you're good to shop for whatever you want this week in The Market. 😊
  • Am I required to schedule boxes?
    Not at all! At registration, you're welcome to skip scheduling and swap for Market Credit. What's more, if you've already scheduled boxes, you're welcome to unschedule them anytime prior to weekly cutoff time. And, it goes the other way as well: even if you're not scheduled or never have scheduled, you're welcome to schedule boxes anytime through your "Box Scheduling" page. However, you will need enough Market Credit to schedule boxes. You're welcome to purchase more Market Credit for scheduling purposes through The Market.
  • How do I change my schedule?
    Editing your schedule is very straight-forward. Visit your "Box Scheduling" page under the Market Subscriber Pages" menu, and simply select the dates you want and de-select the dates you don't want. We ask that you make schedule changes by our weekly cutoff time. (Please call or text in last-minute emergency changes. I do not have reliable access to chat or email on delivery days.) If you need more Market Credit to schedule boxes, you're welcome to purchase it through The Market.
  • Can I add on to a scheduled box?
    Absolutely! Just skip ahead to the Add-On Market. No need to worry about the minimum order requirement for add-on orders, you've already met the minimum with your scheduled box! Please add on to your box before weekly cutoff time.
  • I'm not sure how frequently I will order this season. Can I try out a Market Subscription for just a few weeks?
    Since we had a late start to this season, we're offering Trial Market Subscriptions for those of you who want to choose their own but only expect to order a few times. Plus, this will give you a chance to try out our new Market Subscriptions to see how they work for you! We have two Trial Market Subscription values: $180 and $252. If you're looking to "Swap for Market Credit," just select the amount that you think you'll use. If you're looking to schedule any boxes, the $180 plan will let you schedule up to six Small boxes, while the $252 will allow you to schedule up to 6 Large boxes. With the trial plans, we offer pre-paid home delivery (up to 8 home deliveries for $60), pay-as-you-go home delivery (through The Market), or free pickup locations.
  • What are the payment options for Market Subscriptions?
    Excepting our Trial Market Subscriptions, we offer three payment options: Pay By Check (it's the best deal as we avoid credit card fees), Pay Upfront by card/PayPal, or 4 Monthly Payments by card. If you choose to pay through monthly payments, please note that it is four payments, irregardless of when you sign up or how quickly you use up your Market Credit. Trial Market Subscriptions are only available as Pay Upfront.
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